Custom New Instruments

I can make changes to any of my ‘standard’ models, and I’m more willing than most builders to collaborate with you to make a ‘one-off’ unique instrument. Keep in mind that I do have my own sense of style, and anything I build will follow that lead. If you ask me to make, say, a ‘Flying V’ I will probably decline.

CNC Work

I get requests to make multi-scale fretboards. I do that for $50-75 labor depending on a few variables. It’s often best for you to supply the wood and I have about 10 parameters that you will need to specify. I also do some mother-of-pearl inlay work for other luthiers. Email me for particulars.

Finish Work

I can spray and buff your instrument with UV catalyzed polyester. I won’t use nitrocellulose. I strongly prefer to spray the neck and body separately. I charge ~$400 to finish a guitar body and neck.